Interest Groups


Groups that affect or are affected by our actions and, therefore, we have the commitment to maintain a close relationship with, in an environment of cordiality and respect.


The following are our Stakeholders, as well as the communication channels that we support to inform them about the various actions we take.

Interest Groups

  • We are committed to the efficient management of the resources entrusted to us, to repay them with the greatest possible profitability. In order to communicate with them, we offer visits to our various facilities; we hold shareholders' meetings in accordance with the current legislation; we publish our Annual and Quarterly Report, as well as our Financial and Sustainability Reports, and, on our website, we present relevant information in a timely manner, particularly regarding everything related to the financial situation of the Organization.

  • They are our reason for being and we maintain a close relationship with them, always attentive to respond to their needs, as well as informing them of the benefits and the correct use of our products. To establish communication with them, we have a 01 800 line; an email for technical assistance and an email for the Complaint Channel. We also conduct satisfaction surveys that allow us to evaluate the level of service provided.

  • Our collaborators are the key drivers of Corporacion Moctezuma, and we seek to respond by providing opportunities for professional and personal development, as well as a suitable work environment. We communicate via internal newsletters, boards, Voz Moctezuma (our internal magazine in electronic and printed format), a complaints and suggestions mailbox, and our Moctezuma Whistleblower Channel.

  • We fully comply with our tax, legal and labor obligations. In the same way, we carry out actions that are reflected in the economic and social progress of the country. Through our Sustainability Report, we communicate our various actions; we also maintain an active participation in Chambers and Associations where we seek to promote the development of the industry.

  • We have a strong commitment to the communities where we maintain our facilities. We work every day to be a good neighbor and for our actions to help improve their quality of life. We also carry out actions to benefit the communities around our main productive facilities and we maintain communication with them through our Sustainability Report, website and by participating in parents’ meetings at schools.

  • We seek to maintain healthy and cordial business relations, respecting the agreed terms that favor business development for both parties. As means of direct communication, we can mention: our web page; email; Moctezuma Reporting Channel and our Sustainability Report.