Environmental Performance


Our operation seeks to reduce significant environmental impacts; our 3 cement plants were conceived among the most modern in the world. At the Tepetzingo, Apazapan and Cerritos plants, we have a Clean Industry certification from PROFEPA, in addition to maintaining our ISO 14001 certification, which allows us to have an environmentally friendly operation.

Our environmental culture includes: a policy of investment in equipment and environmental care, which includes: protection of the ecological environment, efficient use of thermal and electrical energy, reforestation plans (aimed at the permanent restoration of exploited slopes, in the timeline of the project) and a responsible disposal of waste.

In our three cement production plants, we comply with the applicable legislation. The plants are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in a low level of emissions, lower energy consumption and safer operation for our employees.

We are a fully committed company to the well-being of the inhabitants of the neighboring communities to our production units, and to the conservation of their resources.

  • We are interested and we have invested financial resources in optimizing our production processes. We frequently analyze the operations in our three cement plants and we exchange experiences between each one, achieving the establishment of a policy of continuous improvement in our processes.

  • We seek to decrease our electricity consumption, maintaining indicators and consumption targets that allow an effective energy use. To this end, we monitor the operational efficiencies of the plant's main equipment (furnaces, mills and breakers). The state-of-the-art model at the Tepetzingo plant has been instituted and improved at the Cerritos and Apazapan plants with optimal results.

  • Thanks to the modern design of our plants, we have an optimal environmental performance and we give full compliance to the respective regulations (NOM-040-SEMARNAT). We have increased the measurements frequency, which makes it easier to identify any event that could negatively reflect on our impact on the environment. This information will allow us to give timely attention and to design the necessary action plans for reestablishing the environmental standards with which we are committed to. Thereof, by facing the future, we face the challenge of constantly reducing our emissions.

  • We implement waste separation plans, which allow its use and better management as we seek the right destination for each type of waste. Some waste is recycled and some other used as alternative fuels in our kilns.

  • The wastewater control of the services is carried out in water treatment plants. These treated waters, instead of being discharged to the sewage system, are used in the irrigation of green areas, as well as the irrigation of roads in quarries, which reduces the dust emission.

  • In our cement plants, we have nurseries where we grow native species from each region, which are used to reforest / restore various areas. During the year 2015 in TPZ plant, we donated more than 500 species to the UAEM and 150 were delivered during the health fair to nearby villages; Additionally, in Tepetzingo we reforested more than 1,000 plants in the internal quarries, contributing to the conservation of the native biological diversity. In addition, we contributed with the donation of plants to the surrounding communities for the areas reforestation.

    In Tepetzingo, we have developed reproduction techniques for more than 30 plant species (germplasm collection, germination, growth and introduction into areas), for the preservation of native species.

    We have plans for rescuing wildlife, and we implement ecology techniques, which allow to safeguard the physical integrity of individuals and animal populations, contributing to the conservation of these species.

    Through talks with the Company staff and contractors, we maintain awareness schemes for the care and conservation of the flora and fauna within and in areas surrounding our production facilities. We also hold open-door events that allow us to reach out to the populations and Related institutions (Stakeholders).