Certifications and Recognitions

We have several accreditations that guarantee the excellence and quality that can be found in our processes.

  • Quality Management System certification (ISO 9001) in Concretos Moctezuma

    Concretos Moctezuma has a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 (NMX-C-9001-IMNC-2008), in the design, production, transportation and delivery processes of pre-mixed hydraulic concrete.

    The certification was obtained in 2000 and has been held until today, which adds value to the well-known service of excellence that we provide to our customers. The plants which are currently certified are: Atizapán, Central, Coacalco, Eulalia Guzmán, Huixquilucan, Iztapalapa, Lerma, Los Reyes, Vallejo and Xalostoc.


    Accreditation of the test laboratory for concretes

    In February 2007, Concretos Moctezuma received accreditation for its quality control laboratory in seven test methods for fresh and hardened concrete. The accreditation was granted by the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA) for compliance with the NMX-EC-17025-IMNC-2006 requirements, which has been satisfactorily preserved.

    Currently we have three accredited sites: central - matrix laboratory, Vallejo laboratory and Atizapán laboratory.


    Accreditation of the calibration laboratory

    Concretos Moctezuma has a calibration laboratory accredited by the EMA under the NMX-EC-17025-IMNC-2006 norm, since the year 2013. It offers calibration services for compression test presses in the range of 5kN to 1MN.

    The press is the most important measurement equipment in the ready-mix concrete business, since it measures the strength of the concrete delivered in each work. This accreditation demonstrates that the company works towards quality.

  • Comprehensive Management System Certification

    The implementation of an Integral Management System in the organization brings great benefits, which are focused on the safety and health of our employees, the quality of our products and care of the environment.

    Nowadays, all Cementos Moctezuma S.A. Of C.V. plants (Tepetzingo, Apazapan and Cerritos) have a Certified Comprehensive Management System:

    • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems - Certificate number Requirements: RSGC 959 / Duration: 18-12-2015 to 18-12-2018
    • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems - Requirements with use guidance Certificate number: RSGA 086 / Duration: 18-12-2015 to 18-12-2018
    • OHSAS 18001:2007 OSH Management Systems - Certificate No. Requirements RSAST 046 / Duration: 18-12-2015 to 18-12-2018


    Product Certification

    We manufacture products certified by the National Organization for Standardization and Certification of Construction and Building (ONNCCE), which confirms compliance with the NMX-C-414-ONNCCE-2014 standard - Construction industry - Hydraulic cements - Specifications and test methods.


    Plant Certified Product N° Certificate Validity
    TPZ CPC 30 R RS No. RMC-009.4-002-S/16 24-06-2016 al 20-06-2019
    CPC 40 RS No. RMC-009.4-001-S/16 24-06-2016 al 20-06-2019
    APZ CPC 30 R RS No. BDO-009.4.002/17 11-01-2017 al 11-01-2020
    CPC 40 RS No. BDO-009.4-001/17 11-01-2017 al 11-01-2020
    CTR CPC 30 R No. GZQ-009.4-001/17 06-10-2017 al 06-10-2020
    CPC 40 No. GZQ-009.4-002/17 06-10-2017 al 06-10-2020
    CPO 40 No. GZQ-009.1-001/17 06-10-2017 al 06-10-2020


    Clean industry

    The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) awarded us with the "Clean Industry" certification, as we are a company that demonstrates satisfactorily compliance with the legal requirements regarding the environment.

    Currently, the 3 plants are certified in performance level 1:

    • Apazapan Plant
      Certificate No.: NI3012427 / Issued on 17-09-2015
      The certificate expires two years after the date of the trade notice nº 0890
    • Tepetzingo Plant
      Certificate No.: RI1712530 / Issued on 06-11-2015
      The certificate expires two years after the date of the trade notice nº 1045
    • Cerritos Plant
      Certificate No.: RI2412811 / Issued on 18-01-2016


    Safe Company

    The Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS) awarded the Cerritos plant with the "Empresa Segura" (Safe Company) recognition - Level 3, within the framework of the self-management program on safety and health at work.


    Quality control laboratory Accreditation

    Cementos Moctezuma currently has a laboratory accredited by the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA), guaranteeing to our clients that the results of cement performance are reliable.

    This accreditation ensures the laboratory technical competence by demonstrating compliance with the guidelines of NMX-EC-17025-IMNC-2006 norm.

    Accreditation number: C-0083-012 / 12
    Effective as of 2012-08-17

  • Environmental recognitions by the authorities

    We have constantly been concerned with carrying out our operations in a clean way and with a minimum environmental impact, thanks to which, throughout our history, we have received various awards, including the following:

    • In 1999 and on the part of the CFE, we received recognition for maintaining low electricity consumption. This is possible thanks to the investments made that allow us to have the most modern machinery, which is reflected in an optimal energy consumption.
    • In 2004 Tepetzingo plant obtained the recognition of Environmental Excellence.
    • The State of Morelos awarded the Tepetzingo plant with the State Prize for Electric Energy Saving in 2008.
    • Cerritos plant obtained the recognition of Environmental Performance 2010 by Profepa.
    • The central concrete plant was obtained the LEED certification, being the first concrete plant in the world to obtain it.