Human capital


The strength of our company is based on the commitment of our collaborators team. Each of them shows their talent every day, consolidating Corporacion Moctezuma as a successful company.


The Employee of Corporacion Moctezuma

We have built an specific profile for our employees, which is reinforced with new members of the team joining the Company, creating an image and perception of achievement; awareness of their own abilities, talents and creativity to build and operate new plants.

For the employee of Corporacion Moctezuma, belonging to the company's team means a personal pride because of how that the company relates to the social, labor and ecological environment, which translates into a social recognition.


Win- win Labor Relationship

An essential ingredient in achieving the objectives of Corporacion Moctezuma is the recognition of its staff achievements, supported by a permanent training process not only in the operational, but in the human development aspect. We integrate a team with people who are strengthened, happy and committed.

Managers establish real commitments with our collaborators when defining objectives. When being the authors of its objectives, aligned with the goals of Corporacion Moctezuma, the necessary conditions to work firmly in its attainment are created.

Our history of labor relations offers a positive balance for workers and companies without significant conflicts, which shows a very low turnover rate that has remained below 1.5% since 2010. The relations between the company and the collaborators have been developed in a cordiality and maturity environment, seeking, above all, a win-win relationship.

At Corporacion Moctezuma we have established a compensation system that helps to conserve human capital and to create a favorable working environment. A fundamental part of the common objectives is the interest of Corporacion Moctezuma to remunerate its workers not only with a fair salary and benefits, but with the implementation of professional and personal development programs. For example, we can mention that over the years, we have strengthened our support programs for our collaborators team, including:

• Training
• Safety and industrial hygiene
• Teams integration
• Physical activity development
• Healthy food programs
• Psychological Support

  • We work on Safety

    We constantly carry out actions that allow us to improve work safety. We carry out awareness campaigns so that our collaborators put great attention and care in their daily activities; we promote the proper use of the safety equipment, as well as the respect to the safety indications in the production facilities, as in the vehicles.

  • Constant Training

    The training programs we provide to our collaborators include: technical training; Safety, health and environment issues; vocational training; language courses; management and leadership courses, among others.

  • Moctezuma University

    In previous years, with the clear objective of favoring our employees’ professional preparation, we started, in collaboration with various educational institutions, an important project for the members of the Moctezuma family to study high school, university or postgraduate studies, and, this way, to have greater possibilities of professional and personal improvement.

    With these programs, the schools in which our collaborators enroll when taking advantage of this benefit, offer them special prices, whilst the Company covered part of the cost and the employee paid the rest. Before this call, we had a great response and our people decided to commit and to combine their work with their studies for the sake of a better future.

    Under these bases, we constitute this model of educational development that we call Moctezuma University as a project that must transcend professional education, building a solid structure that allows us to leverage the talent and knowledge of our collaborators. We want to create an academic and technical knowledge background to be disseminated in the various angles of the company, and which will be seized by all the collaborators that are part of Moctezuma Corporation, allowing them to growth in both, personal and professional areas.

  • Constant Communication

    We work to strengthen the internal communication with our collaborators, for this, we use of banners and flyers in our production facilities to spread the most relevant events of the Company.

    A tool of great importance to communicate with our staff is Voice Moctezuma, a magazine made by and for our collaborators, which has a biweekly edition for its electronic version and a quarterly edition for its printed version, and, occasionally, there is also a special supplement that is published when there are extraordinary matters to communicate.

    This bulletin spreads the most important news of the Company, also including various sections, current topics, tips for healthy nutrition, tips for exercising, relaxation, among others. Voice Moctezuma is distributed in the different work centers in its printed version and, for its electronic version, there is a website where the collaborators can consult it.

  • Challenges

    In the area of Human Resources, we have demanded ourselves for new challenges: the attraction of new talent, as well as the staff retention and development to occupy better positions within the organization; a performance evaluation system that provides a developmental alternatives approach; and maintaining the commitment to the development of staff competencies.

    Undoubtedly, these challenges are big, but the people who collaborate in Corporacion Moctezuma have the necessary greatness to face and solve them.