Human capital

The strength of our company is founded in the commitment of our colleagues. Each one of them proves day to day their talent, consolidating Corporacion Moctezuma as a successful company.

  • As an important event, the opening of Apazapan, Ver. plant stands out. It demanded an important effort in matters of Human Resources for the integration and training of all the personnel that operate this new cement plant.

    The start of operations of Apazapan, Ver. plant demanded to increase the workforce, which led to the promotion of some colleagues to better positions, rewarding their career in the company.

  • The Corporacion Moctezuma worker

    The profile of Corporacion Moctezuma has been built with an organizational culture, that has permeated and that is reinforced with new members of the team that enter the company, creating an image and perception of achievement, self awareness their abilities, talent, and creativity for building and operating new plants.

    For the Corporacion Moctezuma worker, belonging to the company's team is something to be proud of because of the way the company relates with the social, work, and ecological environment; which is translated as social recognition.

    We can proudly say that we continue hiring women for the operation of mixer units in Concretos Moctezuma for the metropolitan area of Mexico City and the state of Morelos, with very good results.

  • Win-win work relationship


    A basic ingredient in the attainment of Corporacion Moctezuma objectives is the acknowledgment of achievements of its personnel, supported by a permanent training process, not only in the operational aspect, but also in the human development one.

    We make up a team of strong, happy, and committed people.

    The board of Directors set real commitments with our team members to define the objectives to be reached. As they are the authors of their own objectives, aligned with Corporacion Moctezuma's goals, the necessary conditions are created for working steadily in their attainment.


    Our history of work relationships offers a positive balance for workers and company, without relevant conflicts, it brings a very low staff rotation index; since 2010 it has been less than 1.5%.


    The relationship between company and workers has developed in a cordial and mature environment, seeking firstly a win-win relationship.


    In Corporacion Moctezuma we have established a compensation system that helps preserve human capital and create a favorable work environment. A fundamental part of the communion in objectives is the interest of Corporacion Moctezuma in rewarding its workers not only with a salary and proper benefits, but also with the implementation of personal and professional development programs.  As an example we can mention that along the years we have strengthen our programs to support our colleagues, which include:

    • Training
    • Industrial Health and Security
    • Team Integration
    • Physical Activity Development
    • Healthy Eating Programs
    • Psychological Support
  • Continuous Training


    The specialization degree of human capital of Corporacion Moctezuma requires continuous training and close bond with the company. For example, to strengthen our main asset, a linking agreement with the Universidad Tecnologica de Veracruz was formalized to hire personnel in Apazapan, Ver.

    Likewise, an agreement was made with the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey with strategical and commercial purposes.

  • Challenges


    In the Human Resources area we have demanded ourselves new challenges: attract new talent, as well as to preserve and develop personnel, so they can get better positions within the organization; a performance evaluation system that provides an approach with development alternatives; and continue committed with the competency development of personnel.


    Without a doubt, the challenges are great, but the people that work in Corporacion Moctezuma are great enough to face and solve them.


    The specialization degree of human capital of Corporacion Moctezuma requires continuous training and a close bond with the company.