The partners who make Moctezuma Corporation S.A.B. de C.V. and are responsible for promoting it to be a competitive and transparent company are:


  • Buzzi Unicem


    International, and multi-regional Italian group focused on cement, premix concrete, and aggregates production and commercialization. The long-term vision regarding company management is devoted to sustainable development. Their environmental high quality, efficient operational values and an effective operation know-how make them a leader in its industry.

  • Grup Ciments Molins


    Catalonian company, which main activity is the manufacture and commercialization of aluminous as well as portland cement. The service it offers is based in continuous consulting by technical personnel, next to you through the purchase and post-sale process. Committed with the environment, it is a socially responsible company.

  •  Grupo Carso


    It is one of the biggest and most important business conglomerates of Mexico It controls and operates a variety of companies in the commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and construction sectors. It is based in Mexico City. Currently it is considered as the group with biggest growth and dynamism, which is reflected in the success of its business areas and projects.