Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
Sustainable Development


Groups that affect or are affected by our actions and, therefore, we have the commitment to maintain a close relationship with, in an environment of cordiality and respect


Once we have our main Stakeholders identified, we try to explore which are the most relevant topics or materials for each of them. This identification allows us to focus our efforts on those relevant issues, as well as on the communication strategies of our performance for each Stakeholder

Sustainable Development

For almost 20 years, we have carried out important activities aimed at the development of the communities surrounding our cement plants.

Sustainable Development

The strength of our company is based on the commitment of our collaborators.

Sustainable Development

We carry out our operations with a strong commitment to the environment, and under an effective policy of environmental culture.

Sustainable Development

We have several accreditations that guarantee the excellence and quality that can be found in our processes.


Groups that affect or are affected by our actions, with which we must generate a good relationship.

Interest Groups

We are committed to maintaining a close productive relationship, in an environment of cordiality and respect.


Our Stakeholders are one of the most important components for our Corporation.

Materiality Analysis

We identify the most interesting topics for them and we develop appropriate communication strategies.


We are committed with the preservation and well being of the environment of the country. Corporación Moctezuma makes important  investments on equipment and procedures for controlling the levels of emission and manages to achieve an important efficient use of energy consumption.

AUG 09,2013

Concretos Moctezuma Accredits The Calibration Laboratory Before EMA

This project was supervised by our team of Laboratory Quality, ISO 9000 and the Technical and Engineering area.

FEB 14,2013

We Overcome Challenges, Consolidate Achievements

Corporacion Moctezuma has consolidated another year of achievements, reporting outstanding results.

FEB 12,2013

Central Plant Opening

Concretos Moctezuma started operating the state of the art manufacturing plant of ready-mixed concrete, now the most important of the country and Latin America.