As a result of our commitment with our clients, and convinced of our participation in A new Mexico under construction, during 35 years in Concretos Moctezuma we have evolved by using the most advanced technology to manufacture concrete of the highest quality.


We have the following services:


Quality Control Laboratory


In our quality control laboratory each of the mixes are designed with the best materials and appropriate dosages to satisfy the different needs of our clients. They are produced uniformly and scrupulously verified by the properly trained technical team that have the official institutions certifications.

In our quality control laboratory, technicians carry out the necessary analyses of raw materials, fresh concrete and tests in cylinders that are subject to compression in high technology equipment to confirm the compliance of the resistances we sell. Therefore, during all this time our clients have trusted the quality and service that our company has always given.


Concrete Pumping Service


In Concretos Moctezuma we complement concrete supply by reducing its placement time, offering pumping service that with our fleet of stationary and telescopic concrete pumps allows us to offer a better quality in the delivery, according to the needs of each of the projects and its surroundings. We also have mixer units with an integrated crane that not all the manufacturers have.


Work or Mobile Plants


They allow us to be with the product in the place where the work is being built, letting us give an excellent service, making resources efficient when operating in isolated areas or with heavy load of traffic by avoiding the use of permanent routes of transportation, schedule restrictions, all this in the end will result in a better fulfillment of the needs of our clients.


Some considerations for having a Work Plant as a client:

  • • Considerable daily volume
  • • In the work there must be some fronts considered
  • • It is requested in cases of special concrete
  • • High and continuous requirement of supply